Alcohol Education Program

AEP (Alcohol Education Program) is a state legislated divisionary program overseen by Pretrial Intervention of the 8th Circuit Solicitor’s Office. AEP is designed for first-time offenders of magistrate/municipal court alcohol offenses. This system allows the defendant to be diverted from court and enter into a program consisting of counseling and guidance. Successful completion of the program requirements will allow the defendant to process an Order for the Destruction of Arrest Record on the charge. The goal of this program is to give first-time offenders an educational opportunity to change illegal behavior. Offenders may participate in this program only one time.

AEP Application process and requirements

  • ELIGIBILITY: The following criminal charges are eligible for participation in AEP: Possession of Alcohol by a Minor, Disorderly Conduct, Public Drunk, Open Container, Littering, False Information as to age, and Use/Possession of Altered Identification.
  • ENROLLMENT: At enrollment, each defendant will read and sign an AEP Participation Contract. A criminal history check will be conducted and counseling will be scheduled. During the program the defendant will be responsible for attending and completing prescribed classes, mandatory random drug/alcohol screens, and community service work.
  • FEES: The defendant will be responsible for the following fees, all in the form of separate money orders: $250.00 Enrollment Fee made payable to the Solicitor’s Office, $100.00 Class Fee made payable to the Solicitor’s Office, $35.00 Class Fee made payable to the SC National Safety Council.
  • COMPLETION: Upon successful completion of the assigned requirements an expungement order for the destruction of the arrest records will be processed (expungement fees apply).

Download / View Forms: AEP Time Sheet / AEP Boxlist / AEP Contract