Victim Services

The Eighth Circuit Solicitor’s Office Victim Witness Program was developed to assist those who find themselves involved in the criminal justice system either as victims of a crime or as a witness.  This program helps to ensure that fair and compassionate treatment is given to all victims and witnesses.

Our goal is to reduce the confusion by explaining the criminal justice system process, while providing information about services that are available.  The legal process can be long and complicated.  The Victim Witness Program is available to make sure the needs of victims and witnesses are met.  We offer assistance to thousands of victims witnesses each year.  If you have been the victim of a crime, you may suffer from physical, emotional, and/or financial difficulties long after the crime has occurred.  We are committed to providing the necessary information and support throughout the legal process in order to minimize the unpleasantness of a difficult situation.

Because victim and witness participation is vital to pursuing any criminal matter, the Victim Witness Program considers your input and opinions essential in bringing criminals to justice.  With a cooperative effort from the victim,  witnesses, and the Solicitor’s Office, we will more effectively prosecute those who have violated the law and provide valuable services to those who have been adversely affected by crime.  Therefore, we pledge to serve your needs and advocate for your rights to the very best of our ability throughout your involvement in the criminal justice system.

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