Staff Directory

David M. Stumbo, Solicitor
Demetrios G. Andrews, Deputy Solicitor
Micah Black, Deputy Solicitor
Yates Brown, Deputy Solicitor
Taylor Daniel, Deputy Solicitor
Josh Thomas, Deputy Solicitor
Elizabeth Able, Assistant Solicitor
Dale Allen, PTI Director
Leah Budreau, Juvenile Victim Advocate
Richard Cathcart, Assistant Solicitor
Windy Chappell, Investigator
Angie Conklin, Administrative Assistant
Michael Cox, Drug Court Director
Julie Davenport, Court Administrator
Mary-Madison Driggers, Assistant Solicitor
Amy Hill, Administrative Assistant
Andrew Hodges, Senior Assistant Solicitor
Madison Hoffman, Assistant Solicitor
Jared Hunnicutt, Investigator
Brian King, Communications Director
Patty Kirk, Administrative Assistant
Jake Lampke, Assistant Solicitor
Natali Lewis, Executive Assistant to the Solicitor
Joy Lindsay, Victim Advocate
Blake Moore, Investigator
Kayla New, Administrative Assistant
Sarah Parris, Victim Advocate
Josh Pittman, Investigator
Stephanie Pitts, Juvenile Arbitration Director
Lauren Powers, Victim Advocate
Bret Price, Assistant Solicitor
Angela Rowland, Expungements Director
Jared Simmons, Senior Assistant Solicitor
Rhetta Smith, Victim Advocate
Jami Steifle, Circuit Manager
Michael Sudik, Veterans Treatment Court
Elizabeth Taylor, Senior Assistant Solicitor
Paul Tollison, Administrative Assistant
Chris Wilkie, Investigator
Ashley Worthy, Administrative Assistant